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Publishing To Power Bi Service

About This Course

If you are Looking for complete learning in Microsoft Power BI set of Business Intelligence tools. This is the 2nd part of Power BI course series where you will cover the knowledge in Power BI sharing and Collaboration your reports.

The 2 parts of the course are,

  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Publishing and working on Power BI Service

In first part we have covered how to extract data form different places and combine them in to on one model and how to perform Advanced Analytics using the DAX calculation and create beautiful visualizations from scratch.

Now we can discuss how we can publish these reports to Microsoft Cloud space and then share those reports with colleagues and build Dashboards, Create Workspaces, Apps from these data.

What You Will Learn

We’ll start with a quick orientation to the Power BI landsc

ape and Service interface, introduce some common user personas (Creators,Analyzers, and Collaborators), and then systematically guide you through the key features of Power BI Service, including:

  • Connecting to Data
  • Configuring Gateways, Scheduled Refresh & Dataflows
  • Creating Reports & Dashboards
  • Exploring & Analyzing Data
  • Publishing, Sharing & Collaborating
  • Using the Power BI Mobile App

By the end of this course you’ll have a deep, practical understanding of Power BI Service, along with the skills and confidence you need to apply these tools to your own projects and analyses.

Whether you’re a casual user, aspiring analyst, or business intelligence professional, this course will give you the tools you need to become an absolute Power BI ROCKSTARguaranteed.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone looking for complete, comprehesive deep dive into Microsoft Power BI Service
  • Users who are familiar with Power BI Desktop and want to learn how to publish, share & collaborate in the cloud
  • Aspiring data professionals and teams looking to master the #1 business intelligence tool on the market
  • Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training

Course Curriculum 

Introducing Power BI Service

  • Introduction
  • Meet Power BI Service
  • Account Tiers
  • Common User Personas
  • Creating a New Account
  • Quick Tour of the Interface
  • Helpful References
  • Quiz: Introducing Power BI Service
  • HOMEWORK: Introducing Power BI Service

Connecting & Shaping Data

  • Introduction
  • Data Connection Options
  • Loading a CSV File
  • Building Blocks of Power BI Service
  • Common Workspace Actions
  • Loading Excel Workbooks
  • Loading Table from Excel
  • My Workspaces vs. App Workspaces
  • Creating an App Workspace
  • Loading Data to App Workspaces
  • Loading an Excel Data Model
  • Loading a Power BI File
  • QUIZ: Connecting to Data
  • HOMEWORK: Connecting to Data

Gateways, Refresh & Dataflows

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Gateways
  • Setting up a Personal Gateway
  • Enabling Scheduled Refresh
  • Setting up an Enterprise Gateway
  • Understanding Dataflows
  • Creating a New Dataflow
  • QUIZ: Gateways, Refresh & Dataflows
  • HOMEWORK: Gateways, Refresh & Dataflows

Reports & Dashboards

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Reports & Dashboards
  • Report Interface & Tools
  • Inserting & Formatting Visuals
  • Adding Slicers & Matrix Visuals
  • Pinning Tiles to Dashboards
  • Pinning Live Pages to Dashboards
  • Assembling a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Interface & Tools
  • PRO TIP: Creating Data-Driven Alerts
  • Exploring Data with Q&A
  • PRO TIP: Generating Quick Insights
  • Adding Personal Bookmarks
  • Designing for Web vs. Mobile
  • QUIZ: Reports & Dashboards
  • HOMEWORK: Reports & Dashboards
  • HOMEWORK SOLUTION: Reports & Dashboards

Sharing & Collaboration Tools

  • Introduction
  • Sharing & Collaboration Options
  • Printing & Exporting
  • Publishing to the Web
  • Sharing Reports & Dashboards
  • Defining User Roles & Permissions
  • PRO TIP: Generating Usage Reports
  • Configuring Row-Level Security
  • Publishing Apps
  • QUIZ: Sharing & Collaboration Tools
  • HOMEWORK: Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Power Bi Mobile

  • Introduction
  • The Power BI Mobile App
  • Mobile App Features
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